Introducing InBestments
InBestments is a real estate tech startup on a mission to empower the real estate agents to stand out, win more clients and close more deals - profitably.

We have built a powerful platform to take away all the guess work from residential real estate investing. We do all the grunt work so that you can focus on closing deals. InBestments is a platform created by agents for fellow agents. We exist to help you win!
Help Wanted: 
We would appreciate your help to make sure that we are building features that will help you win more clients, close more deals – more profitably. Please help us so that we can help you in changing the game for you.

What will you get for helping us? 
1. Upon successfully completing this short survey you will get FREE FULL FEATURED MVP Agent ACCESS to!/agents for ONE WHOLE MONTH - saving you $640 per our present pricing.

2. You will also enter get an opportunity to win prizes worth $3000 comprising of iPad 2018, Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera, and 3 Months of Full-featured MVP Agent access to InBestments. We will randomly select the winners from the Survey respondents. We will announce the winners June 1, 2018.

3. We would also share the insights from this survey with all the survey participants.

All the information you share will be kept confidential. We will aggregate and anonymize responses before sharing the insights from this survey with all the participants. This way all of us will get to learn from one another.
Section 1 - Now that you know a bit about us, let's get to know a bit about you?

First off, thank you for participating in this survey.
What is your first name? *

Nice to meet you, {{answer_NcROXF2yuGiA}}!

{{answer_NcROXF2yuGiA}}, please enter your Last Name. *

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{{answer_NcROXF2yuGiA}}, please enter your NWMLS LAG Id.

NWMLS LAG Id / Member id is a unique identifier for us to match your survey response with our website's DB to enable 4 weeks of FREE EARLY VIP Access.
{{answer_NcROXF2yuGiA}} - Do you work with investor clients? *

If you don't work with investor clients, we will skip investor client specific questions for you.
{{answer_NcROXF2yuGiA}} - It is smart that you work with investors since investments transactions are a big chunk of the market, as you already know.  Now let's candidly talk about the challenges your face while working with investor clients.

{{answer_NcROXF2yuGiA}} - What are the challenges you face working with an Investor client? *

Select all your challenges. You can enter  challenge(s) not in the list, under Other option.

How many investment property transactions did you close in the past 12 months? *

Section 2 - Let's get to know a bit about your investor clients.

About what % of your investor clients are flippers? *

About what % of your investor clients are first time investors? *

Let's talk Tools and Resources.

How do you find purchase price comps? *

Please enter your the names of any other tools you use for generating price comps, under B - Other.

How do you find rental comps?

What are the challenges you face or expect to face which discourages you from working with Investor clients? *

Select all your challenges. You can enter  challenge(s) not in the list, under Other option.

What are the challenges you face to find an investment property? *

Please enter your other challenges / comments under D - Other.

You are almost done! Last section is here :-)

Do you have a lender partner to share your marketing cost? *

Please enter your lender partner's name.

How would you like to pay to use this platform? *

Please select the most preferred payment option.
Please enter suggestion(s) under Other.

About how much monthly subscription fee would you like to pay for this platform to enable you to-
EARN MORE $$$? *

Thank you for your response. Now click the link below to create your FREE MVP Agent account and obtain 4 weeks of FREE full featured access.!/agents?utm_source=AgentSurvey&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=AgentEmailSurvey&utm_content=c&utm_term={{answer_H7Rx6aH7rl0E}}

It takes less than 15 seconds for you to set up your account and start leveraging the most powerful residential real estate platform built by agent, for agents to help us grow our business.

Remember to use the same email you used to complete this survey to create your account.

Once you join, you can also refer your agent friends to win credits to extend your complimentary access.
Awesome, right?

{{answer_NcROXF2yuGiA}}, let's do it by clicking the link below.!/agents?utm_source=AgentSurvey&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=AgentEmailSurvey&utm_content=c&utm_term={{answer_H7Rx6aH7rl0E}}
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